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World Doula Week is a great way to spread awareness for the whole doula profession and can draw professional and public attention to your business, organization, or association!

#Doulas Make A Difference

Our top priority as doulas is to improve the outcomes of birthing people and newborns all over the world!

We want to educate the general public about how doulas impact pregnancy, labor and birth, lactation, and postpartum health!

This year's theme will highlight the benefits of having a doula!

World Doula Week 2022: Doulas Make A Difference

Project Details

Every day starting on March 22, we will have one topic for each day. 

March 22: Doulas Make A Difference

March 23: Pregnancy

March 24: Labor & Birth

March 25: Partners

March 26: Lactation

March 27: Postpartum

March 28: How do YOU make a difference?

Doulas are encouraged to make use of each topic by creating their own social media posts, using our WDW themed content below, organizing an event in their location, and any other ways that you think of!

Doula Pride

We want Doulas to feel empowered during this time.  Share your doula journey on social media (while respecting client confidentiality) so that others can see it and be inspired!

Use Our Tags

Let's get this trending!  Use #WorldDoulaWeek, #DoulasMakeADifference, and #WDW22 in any post related to this year's theme!

Spread the Word

Use the momentum of WDW to advocate for an important doula issue, advertise for your doula business, or just to admire other doulas!

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